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Server Gamemodes


Welcome to Factions! The land of raiding, pillaging, and killing! Rise to the best! Beat all the rest!

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Survival with Towny

Live in a village or a city! Fight the mobs to create civilization! Trade with others to become the richest!

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Winter Server

Filled with random dungeons, the Winter Server is like Vanilla, but filled with the threat of freezing to death! Burhhhh!

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Coming Soon

It's a surprise! You'll never know what it is! It's coming soon! About to be here, but not quite yet! Be patient!

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Donation Options

Our donations work on a global basis, donate for something to help boost the WHOLE server.
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Other Great Features

  • Towny Based Systems
    Join a town to live with your friends!
  • Factions to Raid
    Dozens of factions forever in battle! Become the best unlike the rest!
  • Smarter Mobs
    Mobs will now spawn with enchanted items and be tougher than ever to fight!
  • Custom Items
    Trillions of rare items to be found! Gotta find them all!
  • Exotic Players
    Hang out with people from all around the world!
  • Reliable Staff Members
    If you need anything, you just have to ask!
By donating, you can gain all sorts of cool features and commands! Best of all, you're helping the server!
Towny is in an intuitive system used to be able to provide ordinary users with the extraordinary ability to form towns and govern themselves!
However, if you're still old fashioned, we still happen to employ the good ol' protection stone system! Just plop down a coal ore to get started!
Factions enable users to form groups to help each other when raiding and building camps together!
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